Version 1.6.1 — June 27, 2015 #

UPDATED: Ultimate Addons to the latest 3.12.0 version (changelog)

UPDATED: Visual Composer to the latest 4.5.3 version (changelog)

FIXED: bug with invisible content when printing a page, if appearance animation is enabled

FIXED: bug with wrong alignment of YouTube background video in sections

Version 1.6 — May 23, 2015 #

NOTE: if you’re using some cache plugins or CDN – you need to purge all the website cache after updating to version 1.11. Also read the Migration Guide that might be useful if you made some custom code modifications via CSS, JS or PHP.

ADDED: Plugin Updater for bundled plugins (check our video tutorial):

now the Plugins page takes into account plugins bundled with the theme

now a default notification circle is shown when bundled plugin has the new version

now it’s easy to update bundled plugin with a single click

ADDED: New Layout Options – now it’s possible to set:

width of the site content

width of the boxed area when Boxed layout is activated

widths of sidebar and content area for pages with sidebar

width of the screen when all columns in one row will be stacked in a single column


Enabled language switcher in site menu – now it’s possible to use language switcher as menu item (via WPMLoptions)

Redesigned language switcher at all locations – now it uses theme styles instead of default

IMPROVED: Single Image element – now it’s possible to choose Large size of a thumbnail (which is set in Media Settings)

IMPROVED: Theme script files – now site pages load faster and scroll better

UPDATED: Revolution Slider to the latest 4.6.93 version (changelog)

UPDATED: Ultimate Addons to the latest 3.11.0 version (changelog)

UPDATED: Visual Composer to the latest 4.5.2 version (changelog)

FIXED: incorrect aligning of content at the first FullScreen section with a transparent header

FIXED: appearance of columns at Frontend Editor of Visual Composer

FIXED: logo alignment issue when Inverted Logo Position is activated

FIXED: incorrect highlighting of active menu items at One Page sites

FIXED: incorrect scroll to sections via menu items on small screens

FIXED: incorrect alignment of Portfolio and Blog tiles on RTL sites

FIXED: some minor styling issues related to the header layouts

FIXED: sticky header on archive pages – now it works

FIXED: ajax links at menu items – now they work

FIXED: some minor bugs

Version 1.5.3 — April 30, 2015 #

FIXED: Visual Composer content – disabled some new elements and features which are not compatible with the theme

FIXED: bug with themeforest updater (tf_updater)

Version 1.5.2 — April 29, 2015 #

UPDATED: Visual Composer to the latest 4.5 version (changelog)

FIXED: position of Image Separator element

Version 1.5.1 — April 25, 2015 #

FIXED: TGM Plugin Activation class errors for old PHP versions

Version 1.5 — April 23, 2015 #

ADDED: fully compatibility with WordPress 4.2

UPDATED: Demo content for import (including XML file and theme options)

UPDATED: Revolution Slider to the latest 4.6.9 version (changelog)

UPDATED: Visual Composer to the latest 4.4.4 version (changelog)

UPDATED: Ultimate Addons to the latest 3.10 version (changelog)

FIXED: hover effects on iPad – now they are completely removed as it should be

FIXED: incorrect display of section background images on iPad

FIXED: minor styling issues

Version 1.4 — April 14, 2015 #

ADDED: RTL support – now Zephyr fully supports right-to-left languages

ADDED: Ability to add custom item to the header contacts (check the example)

ADDED: New built-in Login widget (check the example)

IMPROVED: Section element – now it’s possible to stretch a section to the full screen (check the example)

IMPROVED: Pagination – now Zephyr uses default WordPress pagination, which is more convenient

IMPROVED: IconBox element – now it’s possible to use IconBox without title like a separate icon

FIXED: ajax loading of Portfolio and Blog – now it working correctly when several Blog/Portfolio elements located at the same page

FIXED: hover effects – now they work on touch screens and disabled on mobile devices only

FIXED: header on Search Results, Archive, Index pages – now it cannot be transparent

FIXED: bug with pagination when it has more then 5 pages

FIXED: Google hatom-entry errors

FIXED: some minor styling issues

Version 1.3 — March 31, 2015 #

IMPROVED: Portfolio Grid element – now it’s possible to enable random order of portfolio tiles

IMPROVED: Logo image resizing behaviour – now it uses only CSS with media queries without JavaScript, so it is much better for page loading and display on mobiles

IMPROVED: WooCommerce support:

now it’s possible to display Title Bar at shop page (with all available options like on regular pages)

enabled breadcrumbs on product pages

UPDATED: Visual Composer to the latest 4.4.3 version (changelog)

FIXED: menu links behaviour – now main menu shows active item correctly when a few menu items have anchors at the same page

FIXED: incorrect logo image position on fourth Header Layout on small screens

FIXED: titles of Portfolio tiles on touch screens – now they are visible

FIXED: incorrect paddings of menu dropdown with columns

FIXED: “Indents” option in media gallery – now it works

FIXED: blinking of the transparent header on mobiles

FIXED: font of tabs titles – now it applied correctly

FIXED: incorrect logo image resizing on mobiles

FIXED: some minor styling issues

Version 1.2 — March 11, 2015 #

ADDED: Popular premium Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer plugin:

now it bundled with Zephyr, so you can use it without buying

now its elements have theme styles (check the example page)

now Zephyr is fully compatible with it

ADDED: DeviantArt, Foursquare, Github icons to all kinds of Social Links

IMPROVED: Visual Composer support:

added Design Options tab to Row/Section, Column, Text Block, Single Image, Video Player elements (restored default VC functionality)

added “Extra class name” field to all elements for more convenient and flexible CSS customizing

improved interface of elements settings

fixed minor appearance issues

IMPROVED: Comments – now name of author can have link to his website (restored default WP functionality)

UPDATED: Demo content for import (including XML file)

FIXED: bug with colors of language dropdown on transparent header

FIXED: bug with display “۱” symbol when the VC plugin is deactivated

FIXED: bug with changing title and slug of pages in some rare cases

FIXED: bug when portfolio tiles are not clickable in IE9 & IE10

FIXED: bug when form fields are not clickable in IE9 & IE10

FIXED: bug when mobile menu has horizontal scroll

FIXED: some minor WooCommerce styling issues

FIXED: bug with layout of blank page template

Version 1.1 — February 17, 2015 #

ADDED: 3 NEW color pickers for separate coloring of the Transparent Header

ADDED: NEW Icon element of Visual Composer

IMPROVED: WooCommerce support:

updated appearance of all new features and changes of WooCommerce 2.3

fixed few minor styling issues

IMPROVED: Contact Form 7 support – now plugin form fields can work and look as built-in Contact Form. Read thecorresponding article in the documentation

IMPROVED: Portfolio element – now tiles not depend on image dimensions ratios, so small images (which not resized) don’t break the portfolio grid

IMPROVED: Client Logos element – now it’s possible to choose different style for hover state of logo images

FIXED: bug with Transparent header when the sticky header is disabled on Theme Options and enabled on separate pages only

FIXED: bug with logo image on small screens

FIXED: some minor bugs

Version 1.0.5 — February 8, 2015 #

IMPROVED: Visual Composer:

now the original (not modified) plugin is used by the theme

updated to the latest 4.4.2 version

IMPROVED: Main Menu – now it’s possible to use 4th level menu items

IMPROVED: Latest Posts element – now it can have excerpts

IMPROVED: Scroll CPU performance

IMPROVED: language files

UPDATED: Font Awesome to the latest 4.3 version (added 40 new icons)

Fixed: demo data to prevent using UpSolution’s email in contact forms right after demo import

Fixed: Contact Form stability

Version 1.0 — February 1, 2015 #

Initial release

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